How do I care for my watch?

Setting the time
It’s easiest to remove your watch from your wrist when setting the time and date. Pull the crown out to the 3rd position and turn it gently to change the time.

Setting the date
Pull the crown out to the 2nd position. Gently turn the crown until you see the date change. Never adjust the date on your watch when the hour hand is between 9 and 3 o’clock in order to prevent damage to your watch movement’s gears and pinion. The mechanism that is responsible for incrementing the date wheel does so by gradually building up tension. At 12 am, the accumulated tension is released and quickly applied to rotating the date wheel. Therefore, it is best to change the date when both the hour and minute hands are in the lower half of the watch between the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions (for example, think 6:30). By following this simple step you will eliminate stripping gears within the movement and provide better precision over time.

Water Resistance
The water resistance of a timepiece is not a permanent or guaranteed characteristic of any Throne watch. Our leather watch bands are finely crafted from natural materials and should not be exposed to water or liquids. If your watch comes in contact with water, salt water or chlorinated water, dry it immediately with a soft cloth.

Other Recommendations
Extreme temperature can critically damage the performance of a watch. Avoid exposing your watch to temperatures above 60°C/ 140 °F and below 0 °C/ 32 °F, such temperatures can be detrimental to any watch.

Avoid placing your watch on or near electronics that contain magnets or can generate powerful magnetic fields (i.e. speakers, televisions, x-ray equipment, cellphones, refrigerators). Magnets can cause your watch to run slow, fast or completely stop. Over time a watch’s repeated indirect exposure to magnetism creates an increasing effect that alters its performance as well.

Avoid any type of unnecessary shocks. Your watch is not protected by an otter case. Unexpected impacts or shocks to your watch may result in possible damage to the case, crystal, internal components: dial, hands and movement, as well as void your warranty.